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|| About Us

Minco & Co., Ltd. was established in February 1996.
It is located in Wanzhou, Chongqing, China where Chungking bristles originated.
Dedicated to producing of quality bristles, 90% of its products are for export purpose, both big or small orders can be entertained. sales covers all over the world.
We registered trade mark"MINCO"in chinese in 2005.
Professionals in both production and sales make it a success.
"HONEST, KEEP FAITH, PROFESSION AND QUALITY" is the core of the company.
We provide quality products at competitive prices and superb service.

  || Products


  Chungking Grey Boiled Bristles 90%


Chungking Black Boiled Cut Bristles Chungking Black Boiled Bristles 90% Tops


Chungking Bleached White Boiled Bristles 90% Chungking Bleached White unboiled Bristles 90%

Special Dressing and Proprietary Mixtures supplied exclusively through
Anglo China Sourcing Ltd.

Tel: 86-13638270568 Fax:86-23-58692799 E-Mail: minco@chungkingbristles.com